Can You Heal Me?

I am often asked this question by potential Reiki clients. Usually they are disappointed by my answer. In short, no, I cannot heal anyone. Reiki is not a magical cure that cleanses people of accumulated negative thoughts, emotions, habits, or lifestyles in an hour or less. It cannot make anyone less resentful of an unsupportive partner, rearrange our overburdened schedules or bank accounts, or erase anything else that creates tension in our lives or bodies. The power to create that level of transformation is the within  each individual.

So, you might be wondering, why I have the nerve to call Reiki a healing energy if it doesn’t actually heal people. In my experience, Reiki gives people the extra energy they need to heal themselves, should they be so willing. It floods the recipient with universal life-force energy, which overcomes the depleted, overstressed condition of the mind and body and over time builds a reserve of energy to draw from in challenging times. It creates relaxation which can give us the space we need to remember that we are more than our problems, our troubled relationships, or our disharmonious environments. As we get back in touch with our true identity as eternal beings, we have more clarity to make healthy decisions and create changes.

Healing Hands - The Seven Chakras

I often use the analogy of Reiki being the gasoline we put in a car. It does give us the energy necessary to go where we want to, yet we are still in charge of navigating and driving the car. I can give a client a wonderful respite from her anxious thoughts and support her nervous system to disengage from constant fight or flight activation. But once she leaves my office, it’s up to her to make new decisions to support this peacefulness. She must then choose to behave differently, or her energy will once again become depleted. Reiki will most definitely support people in healthy lifestyle transitions, but they must absolutely display a willingness to cooperate because Reiki will never interfere with a person’s free will.

I have experienced tremendous healing courtesy of Reiki. I have invited it into my everyday life to help me navigate life’s challenges. I have opened my mind to change and have allowed myself to become filled with this life-force energy. I know for a fact that it always supports me in making healthy decisions and gives me the clarity to notice the not-so-healthy ones. Whenever I then choose to act on this information, I am rewarded with greater peace and vitality. I’m still the one driving the car, but I have an unlimited source of fuel to go on my life’s journey. Reiki is indeed a healing energy if we but allow it to show us the way.


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